Empowering young women in Gbuduwyi through Digital Financial Literacy

In collaboration with Tech Herfrica Fist Africa is proud to announce, through its women empowerment programme (WEPRO), the successful completion of a digital financial literacy training programme for 10 girls from Gbuduwyi, a local community in Kabusa, Abuja. This initiative aimed to equip these young women with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the digital world and leverage technology to enhance their livelihoods.

Through comprehensive training sessions, the participants gained a deeper understanding of financial literacy, social media marketing, and e-commerce. Additionally, smartphones were provided to those who lacked access to these devices, ensuring that everyone had the tools necessary to participate fully in the programme.

To further support the participants’ entrepreneurial aspirations, Fist Africa and Tech Herfrica assisted in setting up social media pages for each individual, providing a platform to showcase their products and services to a wider audience.

Following a month-long evaluation period, Fist Africa and Tech Herfrica will assess the progress of the participants and identify those who demonstrate exceptional potential and commitment to their businesses. These individuals will then be eligible for further financial grants to support their entrepreneurial ventures.

This partnership between Fist Africa and Tech Herfrica is a testament to the organizations’ unwavering commitment to empowering young women and fostering economic growth within their communities. By providing access to digital literacy training, smartphones, and social media platforms, Fist Africa and Tech Herfrica are equipping these young women with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their financial goals and contribute to the economic development of their community

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