Our Projects

Training and Small Business Grant for Women

The Finishers Initiative for Social Transformation (FIST Africa) has empowered women with small business grants. This was part of the organisation’s drive to help women build and sustain viable businesses through its Women Empowerment Programme.

Faith and Governance Conference 2.0

The theme of the second edition of the Faith and Governance Conference was Personal Transformation: An imperative for national rebirth.

Welfare Outreach to Women

The Welfare Outreach was an initiative of FIST Africa, where women where catered for in the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown. Women were provided with food stuff for their families.

Medical Outreach to Dagban IDP Camp

Our medical outreach to Dagban IDP camp was our first project through our social and community intervention programme. Women were provided with information to help address sexual and gender based violence. They were also provided with sanitary wears and food stuff.