From Ground to Desks: FIST Africa supplies desks, chairs, and writing materials to LEA Primary School Kabusa.

Our initial visit to LEA Kabusa reminded us of the unequal realities faced by many. We see children, eager to learn, sitting on the ground due to the absence of desks. The boards used for teaching were worn and torn, and the entire learning environment begged for intervention. In collaboration with the Madiba Foundation for Good Governance, FIST Africa took the initiative to change this narrative.

Today, we proudly announce our donation of 25 3-seater chairs and 25 3-seater desks 10 packs of dusters, 4 new white writing boards, and 10 packs of markers. This is just the beginning.

These new tools are more than just furniture; they represent hope, opportunity, and a chance to level the playing field. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of the students as they received their desks was a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education.

But our work is not done. Join us as we strive for even bigger interventions at LEA Kabusa. Together, we can ensure every child has access to quality education, the foundation for a brighter future.

Special appreciation to the principal and staff of LEA Kabusa, Your efforts to teach howbeit with little resources are highly commendable.

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