About Us

Finishers Initiative for Social Transformation (FIST) otherwise known as FIST Africa is a not-for-profit organisation with the mandate of providing interventions for social transformation in Nigeria and on the continent of Africa, through civic engagement, community mobilization, advocacy and awareness campaigns, community intervention programmes etc. At FIST Africa, we believe consistent little efforts can yield great impact that could serve as a trigger and a catalyst for social transformation.


FIST Africa is therefore committed to making little efforts that would yield great impact in the lives of the citizens. Our interventions for social transformation are provided in four thematic areas. These are: Governance and Civic Engagement, Leadership Development, Youth Development and Empowerment, Social and Community Intervention and Civic Technology.


To mobilise and deploy available human and material resources for the provision of meaningful and sustainable interventions aimed at improving social conditions.


1. To provide platform and initiatives for civic engagement through advocacy and public education.

2. To promote the ideals of values-based and service-oriented leadership.

3. To provide social interventions for deprived communities and vulnerable segment of our population.

4. To drive initiatives and programmes for youth development and empowerment.

5. To deploy technological tools to drive change.